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Recreation Gov Stay tuned this summer to the reservation system we're working on just for this event.


Mayor Shorty sez, "Thanks for a fantastic gathering! See you adventurous munchkins next spring."




“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” —Dr. Seuss


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Green Eggs and Ham X

Our 10th Annual Gathering!

Wednesday, March 11th — Sunday, March 15th 2020

At The Rally - Notes from Previous Events

Chili Mixer
Robert has been the Master Mixer Chef, and with his magic capabilities, he has morphed a chili mixture into an exotic meal. Rally-goers bring a batch of their own special chili to add to the mix. With specially made chili, there is an explosion of taste without par.

Green Eggs and Ham Chili Mixer   Green Eggs and Ham Chili Mixer

Green Eggs and Ham Chili Mixer
A chili mixer not to be missed! Photo credit John Vermilye

Gumbo Dinner
Bob and Pat have generously treated us to a non-shellfish Gumbo delicacy that certainly puts most other Gumbo to shame.

gumbo masters
The great team of Gumbo Masters. Photo credit John Vermilye

John is the Firemaster! His exemplary fire-building skills with local firewood has kept us socializing in toasty conditions.

Nightly campfire and music. Photo credit John Vermilye

Potluck Dinner
Chuck, the six-foot leprechaun in the kilt, has been the emcee and overseer of the Potluck and Gift Exchange. He depends on a few coordinated hands to set up the organization of food on the tables (the tables you bring if you have them).

Green Eggs and Ham rally potluck

We'd love to hear when you're ready to roll up your sleeves to separate salads, meats, sides, desserts. An expeditious task, but someone needs to make it efficient, because we want maximize our taste buds in a timely manner and get to the Gift Exchange!

A potluck for leprechauns
A feast fit for leprechauns. Photo credit John Vermilye

Gift Exchange
Bring a gift bag, and you’ll get the opportunity to get a bag after the Potluck Dinner. To participate, just bring a St Patrick’s Day themed gift valued between $5 to $10 in concealed wrapping, and you'll get a gift in return. Get creative.

6ft leprechaun  Tutu wearing leprechaun at Green Eggs and Ham
The six-foot leprechaun leading the charge, and a green fairy getting a gift. Photo credit John Vermilye

Egg Parade
Todd & Maureen have taken the organization of this event. It’s an opportunity to show off your rig and get ideas from others in enhancing your respective rigs. Get to know thy neighbor.

Egg Parade  Egg Parade

Egg Parade  Egg Parade
It takes at least two days to get through the showing of trailers, but making friends can happen in a moment. Photo credit John Vermilye

Pat has been presenting creative craft classes at the Pavilion, which allows you to walk away with not only a craft, but with a shared experience with fellow campers.

Green Eggs and Ham CraftingPat demonstrates the steps in the craft.

Morning Coffee
Don and Maxine have graciously volunteered to see everyone wake up with a hot cup of morning coffee at the pavilion. They get our day going, juices flowing and rallying activated.

Nightly Music
Banjo Bob and the band of musicians have melded together to create sweet sounds in the woods and to be the highlight of the campfire. Musicians please bring your instruments!

Music at Gunter Hill

Area Attractions

What is there to do when you're not rallying? With a wide variety of offerings in the area, there is something for everyone. We want to hear about what you find interesting.

Montgomery Convention and Visitors Bureau
We're Working on this for our next Location!