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Inyan South Dakota rally

Jeannine Patane

Rally Coordinator

Jeannine Patané

Send email to rvcompass.com, the user name is: support@

Or use the Online Form.

A Few FAQ's

Can I book earlier than the rally dates/stay later?

Yes! Absolutely. We encourage you to explore all that South Dakota has to offer. There are several events that you may want to show up early or stick around for.

When we shift camps on Wednesday, August 28th, do we have to stay in the caravan?

No! In fact, we encourage you to check out of the South Dakota state park at your leisure in the morning and explore the Black Hills on your way to Rush No More RV Resort, Cabins and Campground.

Please note that we may have an event set up for that evening at our North camp, possibly a Bluegrass Jam in the Beer Garden with the locals! Also, campsites may be assigned at a first-come-first serve basis for general camping/non-deluxe sites.

Can I book for just one camp/portion of the rally?

You can do what you'd like, however, this is a full immersion experience so why try to participate if you only want to be partly involved? There are many people who want to be fully engaged in this event and spots are limited. Please utilize our website link information and do your own tour on your own time if you can't fully engage.

Rally discounts, event access and benefits may not apply if you have not registered with us and have not paid the registration fee.

I would love to add something to the schedule of events for this fantastic rally! How can I make it happen?

Awesome! Write the coordinator Jeannine and start a discussion on your proposal. Be prepared to take full responsibility of your idea if it can be worked in the schedule.


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