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RV Compass / Eggshells in The Outer Banks

Jeannine - Rally Coordinator

Send email to rvcompass.com, the user name is: support@

Or use the Online Form.

A Few FAQ's

Can I book earlier than the rally dates/stay later?

Yes! Absolutely. We encourage you to explore all that the Outer Banks has to offer. There are several events that you may want to show up early or stick around for. Keep in mind, however, discounted rally rates only apply for the 3 nights of the rally.

Is there a dump station at Camp Hatteras?

The sites at Camp Hatteras are designed for big rigs and all sites are full-hookup. Each site has the system connections spread out along the pad (water at the road, septic in the middle, electric at the back of the pad). It’s recommended that you pack extra line and/or electrical cord/adapter.

What are the resources like (fuel, supermarkets) out there?

There are a few smaller markets and convenience stores that have most general items within a few miles and the nearest supermarket is in Avon, 17.5 miles away. Fuel is also available, but prices tend to be higher than the mainland and Roanoke Island. It's advisable to provision and fill your tow vechicle with fuel before hitting Highway 12. Everything is a little pricier on the sand bar.

For more local links, check out the list from Camp Hatteras.

I would love to add something to the schedule of events for this fantastic rally! How can I make it happen?

Awesome! Write the coordinator Jeannine and start a discussion on your proposal. Be prepared to take full responsibility of your idea if it can be worked in the schedule.

Oregon Inlet OBX

OBX Beach Rules
1. Come out of your Shell
2. Avoid Pier pressure
3. Be Shore of Yourself
4. Don’t get Tide down
5. Go ahead and make Waves

We look forward to seeing you in Waves, NC!