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Rallies, Road Kill, Convicts and Community

By Jeannine Patané
June 13, 2018

This summer I opted to stay off the travelling road and root down instead. Base camp has been established on friends’ properties in a small coastal town in North Carolina for seasonal work. In the theme of strengthening a community, I was offered temporary employment with the town for a summer labor position.

My job consists of keeping roads attractive and safe by removing road kill on a daily basis, and 4x4 driving along miles of beach with inmates hanging on the back of the pickup to collect trash and recyclables out of the bins.

The work is sweaty, dirty, foul-smelling and labor intensive, but I find it interestingly rewarding. There is pride in keeping the town’s beach and roadways clean. We help turtles cross the road, act as first response assistance to emergency services and are part of area interpretation for tourists. Working with inmates has also enlightened me to their own sense of community and how they can work hard to have the privilege to be out each day.

ROMAD Joe Monkey
Retired ROMAD Joe Monkey re-enacts road kill for a photo op.

Sometimes we become complacent to the great freedom we’ve established for ourselves when we hit the road with our travel trailers. Sometimes the behind-the-scenes hard work that goes into developing an attractive environment that travelers pass through goes unrecognized. My summer job is reinforcing this appreciative awareness in me.

As a fulltimer, it can be a challenge at times to find and stay connected to a community. Essentially that is what RV rallies have become to me, a gathering of my extended family. It often takes a village to support one another and build lasting friendships.

Coordinating a great rally doesn’t magically happen on its own. It takes the hard work and support from our trailer community to make it happen. We enjoy our independence and it requires some level of organized effort to bring us together. How much or little we get out of an egg gathering depends how much or little we each contribute.

The Roost depends on your willingness to promote rallies. I can’t attend every rally and report on it. I might be at another event, or scraping dead critters off the road or supervising convicted felons hanging on the back of a salty sand-covered pickup truck. As I pull together rally websites, a rally map and a monthly newsletter, and plan actual events for us, please help me by being a contributor for our awesome egg community gatherings.