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Jeannine Patané is the founder of RV Compass, a RV rally management and promotional service. As a full-timer in a 13’ travel trailer, she is fervent to strengthen her RV community.

Her early years of event coordination involved stage management for several shows in the entertainment industry. She then gravitated towards the graphic arts as production manager for an international magazine.

Jeannine founded a home improvement business, Alaska HandyWoman, after building her Interior Alaska cabin. Within a few years she left her cabin behind and took her trade work on the road for multinational clientele. This included yacht work in the maritime industry and vessel deliveries. She views anything she manages as a production.

In 2014 Jeannine began living full-time in her travel trailer immediately upon purchase and she is enthusiastic to promote the RV lifestyle. Managing a rally is a natural fit to her organized and creative talents.

“Rallies are two-fold. The events bring the RV community together for education, entertainment and support, and it’s a great opportunity for manufacturers, dealers and suppliers to seize their market.”

Her worldly travels and experiences are simply expressed in an efficient molded fiberglass trailer. Current ventures in addition to rally coordination involve sharing knowledge to the DYI community for those that prefer to be hands-on with their RV maintenance and modifications. Rallies are her favorite format for this.

The trailer has no limits to where it can be taken and that range includes her family and community around the world. Jeannine's style of social networking only requires a campfire and tires ready to roll. Shiny up, rubber down.

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