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Getting Hitched

Carolina Salt Magazine

July/August 2014 Issue

trailer hitch

Handywoman Jeannine Patané has enjoyed the footloose and fancy-free lifestyle on an independent person responsible only for herself. But she has made the commitment and said 'I do' to a trailer hitch...[Read more]


Green Eggs Rally

Inyan South Dakota Rally


Get your bearings...and keep them greased.

RV Compass, LLC searches for innovative ways to keep our RV community connected. We conduct independent studies of the RV lifestyle and encourage events and services from those findings. Most of our "studies" is the boots-on-the-ground approach. We promote knowledge sharing and self-reliance to educated RVers who like to do their own maintenance and modifications. Rallies are often a format for this exchange.

RV Compass offers comprehensive event planning and management services to the RV industry. We give consultation to the industry with the genuine needs of RVers, and encourage events and services that are personally customized to those needs.

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