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Google Map of 2019 Fiberglass Travel Trailer Rallies

2015-2019 Annual Map Producer: Jeannine Patané/RV Compass

Green Eggs Rally

OBX rally

Inyan South Dakota Rally


The following rallies are managed by RV Compass, LLC:

Green Eggs and Ham 2018-2019

Inyan 2019

Eggshells in The Outer Banks 2015 & 2019


Eggshells in The Outer Banks with Tearstock 2017

August 8, 2017 by RVBusiness: Liberty Outdoors, "Eggshells" Set for Tearstock

PRESS RELEASE: Liberty Outdoors Becomes Exclusive Sponsor for Eggshells in the Outer Banks Rally

Alien Egg Invasion! 2016

What people are saying about the 2017 Eggshells in The Outer Banks:

"A huge Thank-You and a big hug to Jeannine Patane for organizing, coordinating, and conducting a fabulous 4 days in Camp Hatteras! Your tireless efforts, from the check-in, Friday Night Dinner, presentations, DJ on The Beach, Breakfast, and check-out, made for a wonderful experience for us all. Thanks, Jeannine!" —Steve and Debbie

"Jeannine, hoping your future projects work out as well as did Eggshells this year. Thank you for an outstanding experience." —Frank :)

"We had a great time at the rally! YOU DID A WONDERFUL JOB in organizing and coordinating everything! We are fairly new teardroppers and really enjoyed meeting everybody at the rally and look forward to the next get together...Again, thank you so much for all your labors!!! —Greg and Patty

"Thank you so much for all the hard work putting this together. I'm enjoying the friendships, weather and fun." —Shelly

"Thanks so much for the opportunity to meet so many sweet people, get lots of helpful information, and enjoy good old general fellowship. We got to drive 5 hours to meet neighbors that we didn't know that live 4 miles from us. Thank you all so much for your work and love that made it possible for us to experience this." —Henry

"It was a great way to start my retirement. And my husband and I formed a new bond. Thank you." —Linda and Pat

"First timers from PA—so excited! Thanks for all the organization!" —Cathie and Les

"We really enjoyed the rally! We enjoyed meeting the other campers and seeing their rigs. I appreciate the opening meal paid for by Little Guy! The raffle went well and everyone had a good time. This was our first rally, but it won't be our last! —Rea and Denise

"Fantastic time! Thanks for having your Canadian friends." —Karen and Bruce

"Our first rally of many. Really enjoyed ourselves and meeting so many people!" —Dan and Sally

"We had a blast! So much fun. Old friends and made new friends. You guys do a great job." —Theresa and Manny

2017 Eggshell-Tearstock rally

What people are saying about the 2015 Eggshells in The Outer Banks Rally:

“Jeannine was selfless in planning, hosting and serving as tour guide for the rally. Thanks for a great event.” —Jack

"Eggshells in the Outer Banks #1 was an extraordinary rally. We were grateful for Jeannine's creative planning and all the effort in making this a wonderful experience.” —Cookie and Bill

One word...AWESOME! Event was well planned and expertly executed!!! Can't wait for next year. If I had the authority, I'd promote you immediately JP. Thanks, well done.” —Shorty

“The first annual 'Eggshells in the Outer Banks' rally has been super. So much to see and do and fresh seafood to boot. Jeannine has done a wonderful job at hosting this rally and has gathered a nice bunch of eggs in what has to be one of the best venues on the East Coast.
…She also did a marvelous job of getting local merchants to participate with discounts and/or gifts for the door prizes. I think everyone went away with something…we highly encourage anyone who loves the Outer Banks or has not been before to go. You won't be sorry.” —Josie and Craig

“Thank you, Jeanine for a wonderfully planned event. This was our first rally ever and we enjoyed it very much, despite being a day late as a drop in…” —Clif and Laura

“Eggcellent turnout for a first time rally! Scamps, Casitas, 3 Bigfoots (Bigfeet?), an Escape 5.0 TA, a Little Joe, a Snoozy, a Class C, a Chalet, several "lookers"..... We had a wonderful time! Jeannine did a fantastic job of organizing this rally. If you couldn't make it this year, put it on your calendar for next year.” —Susie and Barry